Though I think the reading logs served their purpose to hold students accountable for their reading, I think it is time for a change.

My hope is that students are not worried about how many minutes they’re reading, but about ENJOYING the time that they spend reading. With that said, students are writing that they have to read 30 minutes in their reading log but only because I had to tell them that they had to read at home.

Please do not start a timer at home but allow your child to get comfortable with a good book and just READ… 

We will be documenting our reading progress at school on a calendar and I will be adding this to my conference with students each week. We will not any trends in reading, compiling a list of all the books they read, and reflecting on what works and what doesn’t.

Eventually, students will be required to do a book talk at home and at school but that isn’t coming your way for a little while.



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